Monday 16th April, 2012
image OLYMPIC TORCHES Wednesday 18th April sees the 'Vintage Posters and Olympic Icons' sale at Christie's. Although sold as separate lots we've put these past Olympic torches together. Some are more desirable, we think than others - we particularly liked the Berlin 1936 torch (far left) unfortunately designed by sculptor Walter Lemcke who’s previous work involved designing the swastika bearing eagles that adorned Goring’s Air Ministry buildings in Berlin. And is it just us or is there a bit of 'light sabre' in Atlanta's '96 torch (far right). For fans of Chariots of Fire Lot No. 30 offers Harold Abraham's French gold medal. The torches from left to right: Berlin 1936 / London 1948 / Mexico 1968 / Moscow 1980 / Seoul 1988 / Barcelona 1992 / Atlanta 1996. Direct link