Silver tea & coffee tower set by Zaha Hadid for Alessi

Mirroring Alessi’s famous 1983 Tea and Piazza project, Alberto Alessi, the illustrious driving force behind the iconic Italian manufacturer, invited 22 leading lights of modern architecture to work on an unusual industrial design project: to create a 4-piece coffee and tea service to include sugar bowl, milk pitcher and tray.This is one of them, designed by the London-based international design superstar Zaha Hadid: "This is a table sculpture that splits into four elements: teapot, coffee pot, milk jug and sugar bowl. Like a three-dimensional puzzle, the pieces fit together to form a whole. They sit within a tray that guides the user through the multiple configurations, the form changing according to whether or not the set is in use. The "representative mode, " when the set is unused, is a compact structure that is easily carried around. Formally speaking, the sculpture exploits the idea of contrasting and combining extremely vertical with extremely horizontal objects. The teapot is a wide, flat organic shape, whilst the coffee pot rises from this landscape like a tower. In the "functional mode" the objects are flipped and turned, facilitated by the template of the tray. Each shape has a cut/section that enables the piece to slide onto a different axis, exposing openings for pouring, and producing a completely different composition. "Tea-time" takes on a whole new significance: it becomes a sculptural riddle." This piece is available to buy only through 20ltd.com and is limited to 99 editions.

  • No. of editions: 99
  • Delivery time: 6 weeks
  • Price: £29,600.00
  • Dimensions: 72.00cm x 35.00cm x 72.00cm
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