Polished, blue lacquered aluminium 6mm thick, Shell chair by BarberOsgerby

Barely a decade out of the Royal College of Art, Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby have effortlessly risen to become two of the most sought after and collectible (as well as nicest) characters in UK design.

Effortless being the word, as that is what their now internationally-heralded pieces appear to be. Informed by a priority for function, their work has a simple grace, elegance and integrity that belies its invariable complexity. And with their recent win of the coveted Jerwood prize for furniture, it looks as though their stride is now opening to what could be bionic levels…

This special edition of their 2005 shell chair has been created exclusively for 20ltd.com and is limited to only 8 editions.The pieces displayed for sale on 20ltd.com are invariably limited to a very small and collectible number of editions, very often smaller than the brand or designer might previously have contemplated.

Please note: This special edition shell chair is a high end product and as such needs to be looked after with real care. The polished aluminum is finished with a blue tinted lacquer, a finish that is very hard but, as with any highly finished material if agitated by metal (riveted trousers etc.) it could scratch

  • No. of editions: 8
  • Delivery time: 4 weeks
  • Price: £10,080.00
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