Limited Edition 'Louis Vuitton Revisted' by Ted Noten

Dutch conceptual jeweller Ted Noten is one of the most exciting and unusual designers working today. Trained at the Rietveld Acadamy, Amsterdam, he became widely known for jewellery and acrylic handbags that feature variously provocative objects such as a whiff of cocaine, cherished rings, a little dead mouse wearing a tiny pearl necklace and some genuine pistols that were sealed inside blocks of acrylate.

This transparent synthetic material, with the chemical formula CH2=C (CH3) C (=0)) CH3, is an indispensable and equally invisible ingredient of his much talked about designs. His work is never far from controversy. Sawing up a number of Mercedes cars into brooches, for instance didn’t go down well with the Mercedes Company, but was included in the Droog design collection. His work Pistol Saints was exhibited at the Stedlijk Museum in Amsterdam and was destroyed by order of the police because it was alleged to be an illegal weapon.

‘Louis Vuitton Revisited’ is the first of six new pieces in his new series ‘Limited Edition’ designed exclusively for 20ltd.com.

Typically Noten, the collection promises to represent one of the most luminous and investible collections of out time

  • No. of editions: 1
  • No Longer Available
  • Price: £11,154.00
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