Hand-painted Wrapped Whole cut shoes by Lodger Footwear

For size, please specify by emailing sales@20ltd.com.

Though the design is very simple, the ‘Wrapped Whole cut’ shoe by Lodger of London is extremely complex to make. Fashioned from a single piece of flawless leather, the seam of the shoe is placed asymmetrically on one side as opposed to being more traditionally found at the back. This requires that the leather be stretched in three directions in order to get it to fit around the toe and heel without any additional seams. Customers can choose to have their own pair of these unique shoes hand painted in one of three colours: a rich Oxblood, warm Grey or Azure Blue.

Each pair has the name of their creator embossed on one sole and the name of the customer embossed on the other.

Created in only 20 editions exclusively for 20ltd.com, the shoes come complete with bespoke shoe trees, bamboo shoe bags, collapsible box and polish.

  • No. of editions: 20
  • Delivery time: 2 weeks
  • Price: £730.00
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