Damascus Grand putter by Odyssey by Odyssey

Since the foundation of the brand in 1990, Odyssey putters have become the ultimate on-green machine. So this beauty is something really rather special. Available exclusively through 20ltd.com, the Damascus Grand Putter is unlike any putter Odyssey or indeed anyone has ever created. Only 15 of them will ever be made - each head being numbered with its own unique edition number.

Its spec and features speak for themselves: Made from Damascus Steel Damascus steel (so-called because of its invention by the Saracens for sword-making during the Crusades) is legendary for its strength, distinct striped pattern, structure and texture. A material of rare beauty and unparalleled utility. Tungsten Flange Technology Using Tungsten Flange Technology, a 70-gram tungsten flange (21 percent of the total head weight of 335 grams) to the back of the head, which lowers (by 5%) and deepens (by 9%) the center of gravity (CG) for truer, smoother roll.

Fine-Tuned Loft System With the added weight of the tungsten flange the loft on the putter needed to be optimized from the standard Odyssey putter loft of 3.0 degrees to precisely 3.3 degrees. Optimizing the flange and loft produces a better role and a truer putt that stays on line. Physical Vapor Deposition Finish After assembly, the head and shaft of the putter are plated with a dark nickel finish. PVD is a group of vacuum coating techniques that are used to deposit thin film coatings that enhance the properties and performance of tools and machine components. This finish gives the head and shaft a similar look that enhance the aesthetics of the club. High-end WINN Grip A high-end WINN grip, standard size with unique red and black coloring, provides grip comfort and feel.

Leather Head Cover The head cover is made from real leather and bears the same serial number found on the head. The cover is designed to mimic the Damascus pattern on the head of the putter and has a unique protruding feel and oversized red Odyssey swirl with the name “Damascus Grand” embroidered on the side.

  • No. of editions: 15
  • No Longer Available
  • Price: £1,536.00
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