Black fiberglass sailing canoe with ivory colour sail by Caillou Boats

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Caillou was born about 15 years ago in Marblehead, Massachusetts – from a concept based on the decked sailing canoes of the 1800's, where young Englishmen would race young American men in their canoes down the New England coast. The concept of the decked sailing canoe lived on in various incarnations since - a particularly memorable one being the twin sailed “Yakaboo" featured in Frederick Fenger’s Alone in the Caribbean. What inspired the birth of Caillou was a realization that, over time, the concept of the small multi purpose craft had become eroded …replaced with an obsession for bigger, cheaper, more focused vessels. Caillou celebrates a return to the traditional, the pure – but with a twist. They’ve taken all that was great about the original sailing canoes of our ancestral explorers, and evolved the canoe form and function to a sleeker, lighter kayak version – so all you need to think about as you set out on your own private adventure is whether you should sail … or paddle.

The Caillou provides performance without sacrificing ease…ease of function, ease of transportation, ease of handling. Set sail across the water – without worrying about return wind patterns. When you’re ready to head home, furl and stow the sailing rig and enjoy a beautiful kayak. Or maybe you’re feeling full of vim and vigor – and a rigorous kayak is what you crave…find a deserted coastline, beach your Caillou and enjoy a picnic. Nap, even then, with belly full, simply sail home – filling your head with the sound of the water and your surroundings. There is plenty of stowage on board the boat – so day trips can even become overnights for the more rustic amongst us. And since the boat, fully rigged, weighs only 100lbs, you can transport your Caillou easily atop your automobile - using only a Thule or Yakima rack – and eliminating the need for an expensive trailer.

Includes: 1 Solid fiberglass deck and hull with solid mahogany trimming
2 molded fiberglass seats with floatation cushions 2 Greenland style kayak paddles 1 carbon fiber mast 1 Dacron sail rig with carbon fiber batons All tiller and rudder hardware in silicone bronze

Specs: Length: 17.5 feet Beam: 41 inches Sail area: 27 feet Cockpit: 6.5 feet Weight: 100lbs Draft: 6 inches with dagger board raised.

Other info: The Caillou sails at approx 40-45 degrees to the wind It seats two adults comfortably with a maximum capacity of about 500lbs It has a retractable centerboard The mast is made from carbon fiber The sail can be reefed for those blustery days The seats are not affixed in the boat, affording maximum flexibility and they can also be used as campsite seating Maintenance on the boat is minimal While the boat is virtually unsinkable, if you are to take it on open water, we suggest you use an inflatable kayak bladder for extra ballast (protecting you against a rogue wave filling your cockpit)

This special edition has been created exclusively for 20ltd. Only 5 will ever be made.

  • No. of editions: 5
  • Delivery time: 8 weeks
  • Price: £11,000.00
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