AH-1 Super Cobra by William Laven

Price: £1,230 No. of editions: 5 Size: 16 x 18 inches Print details: Carbon Pigment Inkjets on Hahnemuhle archival paper Authentication: Signed and editionised by the artist on the front

The SuperCobra is a two-bladed, tandem-seat (gunner in front and pilot in back - though controls are redundant to an extent), attack helicopter. The SuperCobra weapon system can perform anti-armor, air cavalry and armed reconnaissance roles and can attack point (individual) targets with its anti-armor and anti-helicopter capabilities.

The SuperCobra is designed to provide fire support and security for various mission-types. Weaponry revolved around mission-specific needs and can include the TOW and Hellfire anti-armor missiles, Sidewinder anti-aircraft missiles, Sidearm anti-radar missiles, Hydra 70 rocket pods, 20mm cannon pods and 7.62mm machine gun pods. Primary standard armament is a General Electric (GE) three-barrel 20mm M197 gatling gun in a powered chin turret assembly.

Unframed. If you would like to have your print delivered framed, then please call +44-208-968-4481 and we will be happy to arrange it for you

  • No. of editions: 5
  • Delivery time: 2 weeks
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